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Downloading a kernel patch in the Service Marketplace, Software Distribution Center, sapserv.

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Support Package Stacks




Download from SAP Service Marketplace

Patches for the SAP kernel are available on the SAP Service Marketplace Software Distribution Center on the Internet under the following address:

You can find detailed information about navigation, on the home page. The easiest way is to navigate via your product ("Entry by application group") to the required kernel version. Alternatively, you can use the search function ("Search for Support Packages and Patches") and enter the search string "SAP Kernel".

  • Navigate to the required kernel version, for example,
    "SAP Kernel 6.40 64-bit"
  • Choose your operating system, for example, AIX_64. You can find all
    database independent SAP kernel programs under "Database independent".
  • You can find database specific kernel patches under the database
    version, for example SAP DB.

Remember that to update your kernel completely, you have to download patches from both directories.

In the directories on the Service Marketplace, the following information is displayed for a patch:

    • File name (can differ from the patch names described below)
    • Short text
    • Patch level
    • "Info" link. This contains the information file described below, with references to the corrections contained in the patch and notes.

To download a patch, click on the patch name. Alternatively, you can use the right mouse button (-> Save As). Further information is available in the Software Center help.

Caution: altered recommendation concerning the import of kernel patches!

Kernel stack / Support Package stacks (as of Kernel 4.6D)

For regular maintenance, we recommend that you import Support Package stacks (you can find further information under A Support Package stack consists of advanced kernel patches ("kernel stacks"), which are offered as a complete package. A kernel stack is made up of the Database independent archive "SAPEXE", as well as the Database dependent archive "SAPEXEDB". On the service marketplace, they are labeled as "Kernel part I" / "Kernel part II" with the specification of the stack version (for example "Stack Q3.2004"). Only import other patches if you have an actual problem.

The existing recommendation continues to apply for the Kernel releases 3.1 (_EXT) to 4.5B (_EXT), for which no kernel stacks are available: regularly import the Packages DW.SAR, R3TRANS.SAR, TP.SAR as well as LIB_DBSL.SAR. Only import all other patches if you have an actual problem.

Changing extended maintenance (3.1I_EXT, 4.0B_EXT, 4.5B_EXT,    4.6D_EXT). Refer to Note 663811 or  > SAP NetWeaver >  Ext.Maintenance of SAPkernels 3.1I_COM, 4.0B_COM, 4.5B, 4.6D.

Kernel Release 6.20 / Dependences with SAP J2EE Engine 6.20

When using the SAP J2EE Engine 6.20 in combination with a 6.20 ABAP backend with SAP Kernel 6.20, note the following:
When importing a dw patch, the fast RFC interface (via which part of the communication between the SAP J2EE Engine and the SAP Kernel is effected) must be updated consistently. For this reason, the dw patch contains the Archive FRFCLIB32.SAR (for 32-bit JAVA VM) or FRFCLIB64.SAR (for 64-bit JAVA VM). To update the fast RFC interface consistently, this archive has to be unpacked into the "os_libs" directory of each J2EE instance.

UNICODE kernel as of Release 6.20

As of Release 6.20, a so-called Unicode kernel (Directory "SAP KERNEL 6.20 32/64-bit UNICODE" is offered for download. This kernel is exclusively suited for Unicode systems. It must not be used for normal "non-Unicode" systems under any circumstances.

Kernel 6.40 downward-compatible for 6.20 / 6.10

The kernel for Release 6.40 is downward-compatible with 6.x so that the kernel of the current release can be used to eliminate kernel errors without the SAP System itself having to be upgraded to the new release. Use the current 6.40 patch kernel for troubleshooting because patches for lower 6.20 kernels will only remain available for a short time.
However, it is important that each patch always matches a particular kernel release. For example, you cannot use individual 6.40 executables together with older kernel versions. Therefore, if you want to import a 6.40 patch and are still working with an older kernel, you have to exchange the kernel beforehand.
Refer to Note 664679,
"Installing a 6.40 kernel into a system with 6.10/6.20 Web AS".

Kernel 4.6D / 4.6D_EXT is downward-compatible with 4.6A/B/C

To use the downward-compatible 4.6D Kernel in 46A/B/C systems, the same steps apply as those described above.
Refer to Note 318846, "Installing 4.6D kernel in 4.6A/B/C SAP Systems", for this.

Kernel 4.5B / 4,5B_EXT is downward-compatible for 4.5A

To use the downward-compatible 4.5B kernel with 4.5A systems, the same steps apply as those described above.
Refer to Note 149682, "Installation of 4.5B kernel with 4.5A DB"

Kernel 4.0B_COM / 4.0B_EXT is downward-compatible for 4.0B, 4.0A.

To use the downward-compatible 4.0B_COM kernel with 4.0A systems, the same steps apply as those described above.
Refer to Note 102461, "Installation of 4.0B kernel with 4.0A DB"

Kernel 3.1I_COM / 3.1I_EXT is downward-compatible as of 3.0C

To use the downward-compatible 3.1I kernel with 3.x systems, the same steps apply as those described above.
Refer to Note 102445, "Installation of 3.1I kernel with 3.0C/D/E/F ,3.1G/H-DB".

Patch formats

The patches of the individual programs are "<name>.SAR" SAR or CAR archives. In the Software Center, the patch level and further information are displayed for every patch (link "Info" in analogy with the former "Info file" on sapserv). Always use the patch with the highest version number.

Change of the naming convention (01/2003)
New (01/2003): <Patchname>_<Patchlevel>-<SAP-internal-GUID-No>.<archext>
               Example: DW_559-10001684.SAR
Old          : <Patchname>.<archext>
               Example: DW.SAR

Kernel Archive SAPEXE.SAR / SAPEXEDB.SAR (ab 4.6D)

These archives contain the complete SAP kernel:

  • SAPEXE.SAR: all database independent executables and libraries
  • SAPEXEDB.SAR: database specific executables

Both archives are always needed to update a kernel.
For regular system maintenance, the newest SAPEXE / SAPEXEDB packages (kernel stacks) should generally be used.

dw.SAR kernel patches

In addition to the "disp+work" kernel runtime, a number of programs are contained in the dw.SAR CAR archives which, because of existing dependencies, must always be used in consistent versions. Link "Info" in the Software Center has the same contents as is shown when calling "disp+work -V". The link contains information about the SAP and database version and the kernel patch level.

Note: As of Release 4.6A, the "RSYN" has been integrated into the "disp+work"kernel and is no longer stored in a separate "rsyn.bin" file. Therefore, the "rsyn.bin" file is no longer contained in the patch either.

.SAR archive files

A new SAPCAR archive tool was imported with Basis Release 4.6C, which describes archives in a changed format. To differentiate between the archive formats, SAP uses the .SAR filename extension for the new archives.
The SAR archives are unpacked using "SAPCAR -xvf <name>.SAR".

Note: You can only unpack the SAR archive using the SAPCAR tool, whereas you can unpack the CAR archives with the CAR and SAPCAR tools. Also refer to Note 212876, "The new SAPCAR archiving tool".

.CAR archive files

The CAR archives are unpacked using "CAR -xvf <name>.CAR". You can find the CAR tool for UNIX at /usr/sap/<SAPSID>/sys/exe/run/CAR, for NT at %homedrive%%homedir%INSTALLcar.exe, or on the kernel CD in the platform-specific directory.

Copying and installing a patch

This process is automated for IBM i. Use APYR3FIX for kernel versions up to and including 7.01. For higher kernel versions, use APYSIDKRN.
For UNIX, LINUX or windows, use the following process:

    1. Copy the patch into a temporary directory on your system.
    2. Unpack the patch as described above.
    3. Stop the SAP System. (With NT you may also have to stop the SAP services using the Control Panel).
    4. Save the kernel directory by backup or by copying into a separate backup directory.
      UNIX: /usr/sap/<SAPSID>/sys/exe/run
       NT:  <drive>:usrsap<SAPSID>sysexerun
    If you use a 4.6D-based SAP system (64-bit, non-Unicode) or a SAP system 6.20 or higher (32-bit or 64-bit, Unicode or non-Unicode), there are also the following kernel directories:
       NT: <drive>:usrsap<SAPSID>sysexenuc<platform> (Non-Unicode)
       NT: <drive>:usrsap<SAPSID>sysexeuc<platform>  (Unicode)
    5. This way, you will always have the option to return to the old kernel
    version if problems occur with the new patch.
    6. Copy or move the unpacked programs into the SAP kernel directory.

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