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18 Aug 2010 11:49 pm | 0 Comments
  • what is SAP Note


Notes are released by SAP to correct errors or to provide some missing functionality. They also serve as a knowledge bank of procedure for some activities in the SAP system that is not available with the documentation. These Notes may require the end-users to make some corrections to the source code.


The Note would also mention at what support package level the error is corrected in. Sometimes it is not possible to apply all the support packages. Then the corrections have to be performed manually. It is a good idea to document and make the corrections in an orderly fashion. This will be of help at a later point of time during an upgrade or when further support packages are being applied, which may affect the same programs.

Whenever a line is being inserted or deleted, SAP recommends that the note number (that suggested the change) be typed on the same line. This will be very helpful later during the application of further corrections. It is also recommended that the ABAP modification assistant is activated to be able to track changes.


Download SAP Note

SAP Notes can be download from SAP Service Market Place SMP (OSS Online SAP Support) from below sap notes link :
Download SAP Note Link :
  • How to apply SAP Note
Types of SAP Note :
Implementable : One can download Implementable SAP Note and apply in the system from SNOTE Transaction. Which will make the changes in SAP notes to the SAP system automatically.When you will download from SAP Notes browser it will show in ” In processing” status and once implemented it will show ” Successfully Implemented”.
Can not be implement : This type of sap note may contain either manual changes which will be carried out by SAP consultants or contains only knowledge bank of procedures for some activities. One can download this type of note to SAP system but will not be able to implement.

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